At King’s Irrigation we have worked hard to create a flexible service department to service commercial properties on time and on budget.

Commercial Property Services

Spring Start‐up

Let King’s complete your spring start up so you can avoid the hassles of small repairs, leaks, nozzle adjustments and other alterations often required in the spring. During the start‐up our certified service technician will visually test each zone, adjust any sprinklers that are spraying inefficiently, complete minor repairs, program your timer/controller, test your rain sensor and if necessary leave you with a system report notifying you of any deficiencies and repairs required.

Mid Season Maintenance

Lawn mowers, gardening, vandalism, and wear and tear can happen any time after your system has been started. Book one of our service technicians to perform a system check anytime.

The technician can adjust your watering schedule and get your system back in working order.

End of Season Winterization

Our staff will winterize and blow‐out the sprinkler system lines, removing all the water from the system. Winterizing your sprinkler system prevents your equipment, valves, manifolds, sprinkler heads and pipes, from being damaged by freezing winter temperatures. Appointments are scheduled from September 15th continue through to October 15th.

During this appointment we are unable to make any repairs to the system, but will add a note to your file, and notify you of any repairs that may be required in the spring.

Cross Connection Testing

King’s team of Certified Cross Connection Control specialists is committed to help protect the City of Calgary’s water supply from contamination. Our specialists are certified through the American Water Works Association, Western Canada Section and registered through the City of Calgary.

King’s Irrigation will send out a Cross Connection Control specialist to your site to perform the test and complete and submit the appropriate City of Calgary paperwork within the five (5) days required. This test and appropriate paperwork can usually be completed under an hour, per device.