2021 Irrigation Season and COVID-19

We want our valued customers to know that King’s Irrigation is open for business, and we will continue to provide our services in a safe, healthy and reliable manner.

Our usual services and technology processes do not require physical interaction or contact but certain services do entail a King’s Irrigation service technician to access your home or building.

With the continued concerns regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, King’s Irrigation Inc. will be following all applicable recommendations made by the Federal and Provincial Governments as well as the instructions given by Alberta Health Services. Our clients and service team come first.

Cross Connection Testing

Cross Connection Control Testing (aka: backflow testing) is still very important in the community. Compliance expectations do not change with the current COVID-19 situation. The City of Calgary (and surrounding areas) are unable to extend the time for device testing as it is a bylaw and the safety of the City of Calgary drinking water needs to come first for everyone in the community.


If you are turning on your irrigation system for use in the Spring/Summer of 2020 the assembly still needs to be tested by a certified professional. If the testing cannot be performed for whatever reason, the irrigation system should not be used.


Here is how King’s Irrigation is planning to keep both our service technicians are our clients safe:


Technician Protocol:

  1. The technicians will call the client upon arrival to the site to gain access, avoiding touching as many surfaces as possible, including door bells, door handles, light switches, etc.
  2. The technician will apply hand sanitizer and then wear safety gloves, prior to entering the property.
  3. The technician will establish the recommended 6 foot physical distance and will proceed directly to the device to be tested.
  4. The technician will do their utmost best to limit touching anything in the property other than the device to be tested.
  5. Upon finishing the test, the technician will ask for verbal authorization to complete the work order and sign on behalf of the client to avoid having to touch any of our devices. You will receive an electronic invoice once the work is complete.
  6. Upon leaving the property, the technician will once again sanitize their hands


What we need from the client:

  1. If you have tested positive or have come into contact / there is a possibility that you have come into contact with the virus, please contact our office immediately so that your appointment can be rescheduled for a later date.
  2. Please ensure that all doors to the device are open and that all light sources to and in our work area are turned on – please note that these lights will be left on after the technician has performed their work
  3. Please ensure that we have clear access to the device at all times, our technicians will not be moving our touching any materials equipment, etc. that may be in the way of the device
  4. Please follow social distancing procedures and maintain 6 feet of distance between yourself and the technician.



On behalf of King’s Irrigation we extend the best health wishes to you and your family.


We will strive to deliver service excellence as we all pull together to work through this period of uncertainty to minimize the disruption caused by the virus.


Thank you for your continued business and support.