Pond Maintenance

Kings Pond Maintenance Guide:

Kings Irrigation has opened a pond technician to help clean your ponds and pumps. We use all animal-friendly products to help keep your pond clean and clear while keeping all pond life happy and healthy.

Spring – we use treatments to get your pond off to a healthy start and install your pump/water fountains for the season

Summer – we keep the pond healthy well also doing one major clean of algae growth.

Fall – Kings will prep your pond/fountain for winter with a treatment at this time we will pull the pump/water fountains.

Winter – During the winter Kings will first do a good clean of the pump and store it in our warehouse to keep it safe and clean till next year.

Program Break Down:

April – May – Spring Pond Treatment and pump install
June – Regular Treatment
July – Regular Treatment and Pond Clean
August – Regular Treatment
September – Fall Clean down and Pump pull
October – March – Store/clean pump

If you would like to find out more please contact us with your pond size and pump details so we can get a quote together for you!

We also sell all our pond products online and will deliver to you in two business days!