Spring Start Up

Spring Start Up

A residential start-up includes travel time to your site and a visual inspection of the sprinkler system. The start-up fee is based on the size of your system and time involved in completing our thorough report. Our trained technicians will be inspecting every aspect of the irrigation system looking for damaged and broken components. The technician will reprogram the controller, test the rain sensor, check your water meter and all manifolds for any mainline leaks, adjust sprinkler nozzles to maximize coverage and efficiency and complete a report card of your system. Any minor problems that are identified during your appointment will be discussed and repaired. Additional time on site for repairs and any parts required are charged in addition to the start-up fees. There is a minimum $15.00 charge for parts.

Please note: If you are not home during your appointment our technicians will be unable to test and program your controller and rain sensor. If there is a problem that they are unable to detect there may be an additional charge to return.

Please note that Availability chosen is approximate. We will contact you to confirm the exact booking date.
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Spring Start-up Terms and Conditions

  • To the best of my knowledge I have correctly identified the number of zones for my sprinkler system.
  • I will have my water turned ON the morning of my appointment, or I will be available for a technician to complete this on the day of my appointment.
  • King’s Irrigation requires a minimum of 2-business days notice to cancel an appointment or there may be a cancellation charge applied.

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