At King’s Irrigation we have worked hard to create the flexibility in our service department to be able to service residential properties in a timely fashion.

Residential Property Services

Spring Start-up

Avoid the hassles of small repairs, leaks and nozzle adjustments sometimes required in the spring. Let us start‐up your sprinkler system for you!
During the start‐up our certified service technician will visually test each zone, adjust any sprinklers that are spraying inefficiently, complete minor repairs, program your timer/controller, test your rain sensor and if necessary leave you with a system report notifying you of any deficiencies and repairs required.


Lawn mowers, gardening, vandalism and wear and tear can happen any time after your system has been started. Book one of King’s Irrigation service technicians to perform a system check anytime. The technician can adjust your watering schedule. We are committed to maintaining and upgrading sprinkler systems to use water wisely, making every drop of water count. We are constantly researching new technology as it is introduced in the industry.


The definition of Winterization is shutting down, or blowing out your sprinkler system for winter. Winterizing your sprinkler system prevents your equipment, valves, manifolds, sprinkler heads and pipes, from being damaged by freezing winter temperatures. Water left in your system can freeze, straining components and causing ruptures and leaks. The earlier you schedule your appointment, the better the chance of avoiding frozen systems.

Additional Valuable Services

Landscape Lighting

King’s Irrigation is one of the only low voltage landscape lighting service companies in Calgary and is the leader in the industry. We perform repairs and maintenance including retrofitting older Halogen landscape lighting systems to LED, upgrading your current system as well as adding fixtures to your existing landscape lighting system.

Creating an effective lighting system is both an art and a science. At King’s we want to provide your property with extra security, safe movement in the dark and decoration. We use various techniques such as path lighting, uplighting and downlighting for interest.

Cross Connection Testing

The City of Calgary adopted the Cross Connection Control Program as part of the National Plumbing Code in early 2012. King’s Irrigation is committed to help protect the City of Calgary’s water supply from being contaminated and we have a number of Certified Cross Connection Control specialists.

Our specialists are certified through the American Water Works Association Western Canada Section and registered through the City. If a homeowner has a cross connection device installed in their home, as per the City of Calgary’s bylaws, it must be tested annually.