Landscape Lighting

As a leader in the industry King’s Irrigation is one of the only low voltage landscape lighting service companies in Calgary.

We perform repairs and maintenance including retrofitting older Halogen lighting systems to the latest, LED landscape lighting, upgrading your current system and adding fixtures to your existing lawn lighting system.

Creating an effective landscape lighting system is both an art and a science. At King’s we provide your property with extra security through beautiful and decorative lawn lighting that will transform your outdoor living space. As experts in the industry, we understand what lawn lighting techniques will best showcase your property. Our technicians will recommend path lighting, uplighting and downlighting to make the most of your landscaping.

Why LED Landscape Lighting?

Low voltage lighting (12‐volt) is safer than 120‐volt systems because the low level of energy eliminates the possibility of electrocution from accidentally cutting the wire. LED Landscape Lighting is also more energy efficient than Halogen, providing more light per watt of power and as an added BONUS the bulbs last years longer!

LED Lawn/Landscape Lighting, provides a brighter, longer lasting, more professional look, especially when installed and placed correctly. Here at Kings Irrigation, we have years of experience in creating the perfect solution for you. Get in touch today for a FREE no obligation quotation.

Why Not Solar Lights?

At King’s we want to provide our customers with landscape lighting that work all year round. A solar lighting system only works well if it receives the amount of sunlight recommended by the manufacturer to fully charge the batteries. Less than optimal battery charging shortens the battery life and the batteries in most solar light systems are irreplaceable.

Although you may pay less for your lights upfront the amount you will spend replacing them year after year can really add up. In the City of Calgary you will find that during the late fall and into spring most solar lights only work for a few hours due to the lack of sunlight received. This means your house is lacking the security of a well‐lit yard.

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Major Landscape Lighting Manufacturers

Manufacturer Warranty Quality Price
Kichler 15‐years ***** $$$
Hinkley 10‐year ***** $$$
Illumicare 5‐year ***** $$
Alliance Lifetime **** $$
Cast Lifetime *** $$$
Focus 3‐year *** $$
Progress 1‐year * $$