Mid Season Maintenance

Lawn mowers, gardening, vandalism, and wear and tear can happen any time after your system has been started. Book one of King’s Irrigation service technicians to perform a system check anytime.

Our technicians can adjust your watering schedule and get your system back in working order.

At King’s Irrigation we are committed to maintaining and upgrading sprinkler systems to use water wisely, MAKING EVERY DROP OF WATER COUNT. We are constantly researching new technology as it is introduced in the industry.

The greatest waste of water comes from applying too much water, too often – most of it runs off and is never absorbed. Instead of watering once a week, for one long continuous session, King’s Irrigation service technicians will program your controller for shorter periods of time, more often, allowing the water to soak in, while minimizing runoff.

King’s Irrigation service technicians are also trained to only water what grows. Our technician will make sure your sprinkler heads are properly adjusted and avoid watering sidewalks and driveways.

Making Every Drop of Water Count

Start Saving Green Without Your Lawn Going Brown

Rain & Rain Freeze Sensors

These days Rain and Rain Freeze sensors are becoming MUST HAVE components for irrigation systems, and they are relatively inexpensive. Not only do they improve your systems performance, they are critical in water management. Maintain your beautiful landscape while saving up to 35% on your water usage. When the temperature drops below a predetermined set point the rain freeze sensors help reduce vegetation damage and icing conditions.

Weather Based Controllers

Weather based controllers are new to the irrigation industry and can increase your water savings by 30‐70%. Now you can maximize your water savings without sacrificing your healthy beautiful landscape using predictive watering techniques. These techniques include adjusting schedules based on forecast temperatures, historical weather information, rainfall probability and wind and humidity. The controller’s program is then set to follow the weather. Some models allow you to adjust your controller from your smart phone, anywhere in the world.

Multiple Rotating Stream Nozzles

Multiple rotating stream nozzles can be an easy way to improve your sprinkler systems’ water efficiency, especially if you have low operating water pressure. The streams of water gently deliver water at a lower rate allowing the water and nutrients to penetrate the soil while delivering precise, even coverage.

Soil Sensors

A Soil Sensor reduces water waste by continuously measuring moisture levels in the soil and determining when to allow your controller to water. This maximizes the efficiency of your irrigation system and saves you money. Soil Sensors are easy to install, there is no digging required and the receiver and the probe are completely wireless.