Winterization means shutting down, or blowing out your sprinkler system for winter.

Winterizing your sprinkler system prevents your equipment, valves, manifolds, sprinkler heads and pipes from being damaged by freezing winter temperatures. Water left in your system can freeze, straining components and causing ruptures and leaks. The earlier you schedule your appointment the better chance you have of avoiding frozen systems and associated damage.

Let our expert technicians winterize your system!

Before we begin…

During this appointment we will be unable to make any repairs to the system, but we will add a note to your file, and notify you of any repairs that may be required in the spring.

It is important that you know how many zones your sprinkler system has. If you are unsure and we have you on‐file, just give us a call, 403‐250‐2686. If you select the incorrect number of zones, your appointment may be cancelled.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please do so by speaking directly to a staff member. There will be a minimum $30.00 service charge to change or cancel your appointment. We can be reached by phone at 403‐250‐2686.

How it works…

If the water is turned off to the sprinkler system no one is required to be home. Please flag and locate ALL of your valve boxes (these are usually green in colour and contain numerous valves in each box in the yard). Do not open the valves boxes; if it is cold this can cause the valves to freeze.

Appointments are scheduled from September 15th and continue through to October 15th. We recommend that you book early as spots fill up quickly and you don’t want to get caught with an early freeze! The ideal time to winterize your system is the end of September or very early October. If the weather permits we may run crews after the 15th of October.